A safe and modern workplace for Lydian Lawyers

A safe and modern workplace for Lydian lawyers with guaranteed operational reliability

As Lydian Advocaten (Lydian Lawyers) were suddenly faced with the departure of their IT manager, the Brussels company approached Uptime Group to manage their ICT environment. First point on the agenda. Getting rid of the local and only data center with the additional investments needed to keep it running. Toon Sillen from Uptime Group coordinated the whole migration to the cloud as an external IT manager. The result is a robust infrastructure that will guarantee operational reliability, will improve safety and will consolidate costs whilst offering a real modern workplace.

An unreliable local data center

Lydian’s IT was working on a local data center of which they were responsible of, using Uptime Group as an external IT-partner. Although the time and costs for the maintenance of the server would increase, the output didn’t seem to. One small malfunction could already have a big impact on the company’s operations. Koen Poncelet, who’s the COO at Lydian lawyers said: ”The departure of our IT manager seemed a good time to reevaluate our IT approach. The investment in the data center kept increasing, but our operational reliability wasn’t guaranteed.”

One project with clear goals

Koen Poncelet continues:” Operational reliability was our priority. This entails being able to fix errors and malfunctions more quickly. We also wanted to become a ‘modern workplace’, where it was possible to work together independent of time and location, as well as internally as with our clients. Being lawyers we also work with sensitive information. Reaching the remaining targets would only work if cybersecurity would be guaranteed. When we reach these goals, we can position ourselves as a law firm with the best-of-class security, that will work in a modern and IT-savvy way.

Uptime will do the work

The Brussels law firm approached their partner Uptime Group. Koen Poncelet on Uptime Group: “Uptime has been helping us with our infrastructure for years now. So, when we needed help with this transformation, we contacted them to assist us. We chose Toon Sillen as our outsourced IT manager. He managed the whole project from start to finish. He decided what the main priorities were, looked at the best solutions for every part of the project, maintained the contact with the suppliers and guided us through the whole implementation.

More cloud

To reach our predetermined goals, we decided to focus on the cloud and SaaS options from the suggested tools: “Together with Uptime Group we had a close look at all aspects of our IT” Poncelet continues. “Where possible we transformed to the cloud. Our document management tool iManage was hosted on our own Lydian IT infrastructure but did have a SaaS-model so we chose for this option. Our traditional phone lines were replaced with VoIP via Microsoft Teams. Due to this switch, we can outsource IT related tasks such as back-ups, management, storage and maintenance as much as possible. Malfunctions are solved by the supplier according to the SLA’s who also take full responsibility.”

The modern workplace

The transformation to SaaS and the Microsoft cloud was important with an additional benefit of creating a more modern workplace. In order to achieve that it’s crucial to create an efficient, integrated and secure place to work, independent of time and location. Koen added: “We transitioned to Microsoft Office 365. Every employee has received a personal laptop for professional use, managed by Uptime Group. All of this, combined with the use of Teams, means we’ve got everything we need to do our jobs. Since the tools we’re using are within the same software suite, everything is easily integrated. We’ve now changed into a proper modern law firm.

Security at its best

Within a modern workplace a classic network security isn’t sufficient any longer. In order to optimize security, Lydian relied on SecWise (through Uptime Group). “Since we’re working more remotely, it’s not sufficient anymore to only secure our network. Using SecWise we’re taking care of end-to-end protection using Microsoft Security components. These parts have been integrated with each other ‘by design’ and with Office. Due to this, our security has become smarter and will it reach higher levels. Since we need to be able to work from home, SecWise will also follow up on all notifications and possible risks. By extending the security to all processes, it has become less important as to where we’re working from. This has created a new type of flexibility” says Koen Poncelet.

One partner, all the solutions

Uptime Group was the one-stop-shop for Lydian who assisted them from design to delivery.
With each step they took into account what the best strategical route would be for Lydian.
In collaboration with the partners, the COO and Koen Poncelet, the strategies were subsequently assessed and implemented at the company. “The collaboration between our internal ICT department, Toon and myself was always very constructive and very easy. Despite the difficult circumstances such as lockdowns, we managed to finalize the project within the agreed timeframe. “Uptime Group is able to think along strategically and immediately implement their advice. The fact that they can do both makes them not only a valuable supplier, but a real trusted advisor and long term partner.”


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